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Fear Factored


So how does it feel like to overcome one of my greatest fears?


How did I do it?

‘Psycho-ed’ myself into thinking it’d give me some sort of adrenaline rush(which actually it did very well!), like the first roller coaster ride or going downhill at 15mph on a skateboard or getting chased by the po-po’s.

The key is- say “fuck it”, pretend to be brave and just go for it. Regard it like some sort of ‘for the thrill’ activity that you’ve never done before, and just go with the flow. A lil’ pray before you start would help too.

Then after all it’s been done you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these while. You’ll get mixed feelings of regret(of not doing it before), silliness(of being a wuss about it), relief(of finally getting over it) and enjoyment(of  seizing and experiencing that moment you once thought of “scary”).

Good luck :)

"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." ~ Bruce Feirstein



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