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Creative Collabo and Coolio Stop Mo

I’m sure many of you have seen the brilliant brilliant video Hibi No Neiro from the Japanese indie alternative jazz band Sour. One of most outstanding unique YouTube-webcam-style music video to date, featuring a worldwide creative collaboration of their fans having fun in front of their webcams but synchronized into a lovely video-art piece!

Hibi No Neiro

Here’s another one of their cool videos Omokage No Saki featuring headphone cables that come alive and morphs into various elements on people’s t-shirt done stop-motion style. Thinkgeek interactive shirts should do one!

Omokage No Saki

Check out Sour’s chillin’ music on their official website here.

And His Majesty’s Legend Continues…


Virtual tour of the Arcade Section at the ‘Collection Of The King Of Pop‘ Michael Jackson Exhibition in Beverly Hills. Dozens of arcade machines and memorabilia fromĀ  Star Wars to comic superheros. Look for Bruce Lee wearing MJ’s hat!


Eternal Moonwalk is a global on-going tribute of fan’s personal rendition of the Moonwalk. Some are good, while most are funny!

Flashmobs of fans dancing to Beat It in Stockholm. Look closely on 1:48 at the old lady in black on the right, she’s so cool! Comel je nak menari jugak hehehe

Coldplay’s cover of Billie Jean at their recent show in San Francisco. Sweet!

Rest In Peace THE King Of Pop Michael Joseph Jackson


MJ in London recently announcing 'This Is It' comeback tour scheduled in July. Photo by Newscom

Truly, THE BEST entertainer, artist, musician the world has ever known. A great loss not just for the entertainment industry, but also the rest of humanity whom souls he touched with his music, videos, life performances, originality and personality all these years. He’s in God’s good hands now.

Tribute Montage

Best Dance Moves

HIStory Tour in Malaysia


Condolences to his families, friends and fans.

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10 Things I HATE About ‘Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen’

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead!


Optimus looking bad-ass. (Photo by DreamWorks Pictures)

1. It’s 2 1/2 hours long. Faster paced, more action packed, better plot and less headache than the first.

2. LaBeouf and the robots are funny as hell and Fox are twice as hotter than the first one.

3. Something about the vibe of the film that gave me the creeps esp. when the Decepticons are attacking.

4. Hands down, THE BEST special efx I’ve seen. The details on the robots are UN-BELIEVABLE.

5. More robots and new cars! Devastator is the SHIEEET!

6. The production scale is GARGANTUAN, literally. Definitely THE BIGGEST box office of the year.

7. More brutality and violence sans human’s flesh and blood. If the robots were humans, the film would be rated 18SG!

8. I almost wet my pants when Optimus ‘super sized’ himself at the last part.

9. Bay and Spielberg did it again! Have to see it at least 9 more times ;)

10. I didn’t expect it to be THAT AWESOME, so I have to give it a full on 5 STARS!

Now, go watch it!

Not All Government Depts. Are Boring!

Photo by NBC

Photo by NBC

If you love The Office US series, you’re gonna love this one too!

Parks Promo #1 – The Front Lines

Parks and Recreation is a new mockumentary-style comedy series about the work and lives of the people in the Parks and Recreation Department in a fictional town called Pawnee in Indiana.

The series just finished their first season last month and stars SNL favorite comedian Amy Poehler as the deputy head named Leslie Knope, super funny man Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford, Rashida Jones as nurse Ann Perkins and Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson the online Scrabble-playing department’s head.

Parks Promo #2 – Inspiration

The show shares the same format and style as The Office, but it’s about a government office whereas The Office is about a private paper company. Instead of dealing day-to-day securing paper sales, Parks deals with the work(or the lack of it) of turning an abandoned construction pit into a public park.

I couldn’t get enough of the show and Poehler’s character in Parks greatly resembles that of a female version of Steve Carell‘s character in The Office. And Aziz Ansari’s fast-mouth-annoying-sarcastic jokes made the show even more hilarious! Rating: 4.5/5

Parks Promo #3 – Child’s Dream

Watch featured videos, deleted scenes and other funny stuff at Parks and Recreation website.

Image by City of Pawnee

Image by City of Pawnee

World’s Largest DIY Festival

Man, I so wish they could come and do one here! ARGH! It would be awesome to see those cool stuff they make and maybe what local inventors, artists and geeks can do! In the mean time we could just settle for the full online HD episodes of MakeZine TV ;)

More on the Maker Faire here.

Knowledge & Arts Tour ’09

K&A Poster - Web

Young Muslim Project and The British Council have put together an awesome program for the local Muslim youths to seek understanding and value of Islam in today’s modern times. Knowledge & Arts Tour ’09 will run from 5th till 15th July and will be divided into two sessions- ‘Arts’ on 5th – 8th, and ‘Knowledge’ sessions on 8th – 15th.

There will be seminars and workshops conducted by local and special international speakers who have good rapport among youths like Islam convert and activist Suhaib Webb from the States, UK convert and lecturer Abdul Raheem Green and graffiti artist, Mohammed Ali AKA Aerosol Arabic who’ll show us his award-winning ‘Urban Spiritual Art’. All three will inspire those who attend to embrace the empowering message of Islam in their daily lives. Non-Muslims are also welcomed.

Check out some of Suhaib Webb’s speeches here and Abdul Raheem Green’s lectures here. Watch Mohammed Ali’s feature on CNN below;

Date: 5th – 15th July 2009 (‘Arts’ 5th – 8th, ‘Knowledge’ 8th – 15th)
Location: Around KL and Selangor
Speakers: Suhaib Webb, Abdul Raheem Green, Mohammed Ali

For updates and more info on the Knowledge & Arts Tour ’09, go to Young Muslim Project website.

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