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Eid Mubarak!


Knowledge & Arts Tour ’09

K&A Poster - Web

Young Muslim Project and The British Council have put together an awesome program for the local Muslim youths to seek understanding and value of Islam in today’s modern times. Knowledge & Arts Tour ’09 will run from 5th till 15th July and will be divided into two sessions- ‘Arts’ on 5th – 8th, and ‘Knowledge’ sessions on 8th – 15th.

There will be seminars and workshops conducted by local and special international speakers who have good rapport among youths like Islam convert and activist Suhaib Webb from the States, UK convert and lecturer Abdul Raheem Green and graffiti artist, Mohammed Ali AKA Aerosol Arabic who’ll show us his award-winning ‘Urban Spiritual Art’. All three will inspire those who attend to embrace the empowering message of Islam in their daily lives. Non-Muslims are also welcomed.

Check out some of Suhaib Webb’s speeches here and Abdul Raheem Green’s lectures here. Watch Mohammed Ali’s feature on CNN below;

Date: 5th – 15th July 2009 (‘Arts’ 5th – 8th, ‘Knowledge’ 8th – 15th)
Location: Around KL and Selangor
Speakers: Suhaib Webb, Abdul Raheem Green, Mohammed Ali

For updates and more info on the Knowledge & Arts Tour ’09, go to Young Muslim Project website.

Blast Off

2008ku - 22/11


Is the saying “When all else fails, you pray to God”, hypocritical?


“Tu lah Zam oi… Tuhan dah bagi macam-macam akai kat depa. Orang yang beratuih ribu batu jauh pun kita buleh tengok, dengaq, sembang macam kat sebelah ja”, Tok said this morning when Mama was having a Skype session with Kak W.

True, what she said about God giving men the akal or mind to use for the goodness of its kind. That’s what separates us from the animal, that we have the ability to think for ourselves and knowing what’s good or bad for us. But it seemed like men are doing most of the damages around today.

Or are we the animal?


Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan or Federal Territory Mosque is one of, if not the, local most beautiful Islamic structures, along with the Islamic Art Museum. The mosque has a wonderful grandeur design of architecture influenced by the Ottoman Empire and traditional Malay elements. It has 22 blue domes that really does resemble one of the buildings on Planet Naboo in Star Wars!

The mosque can acommodate up to 17,000 devotees at a time and aside from being a place for worshipping, it has become an institution for Islamic studies with library and classrooms, social activities with hall for events, meetings, even hostel for people to sleep over. And I like the effect from the surrounding pond/pool that made the 4 stories mosque look as if it’s floating on water!

More info on the mosque here and here.

The Walker

Lupe Fiasco is a rising Muslim rapper from Chicago. His 2006 debut album Food & Liquor and last year’s The Cool have earned him Grammy-nominations and award thanks to his critically social conscious lyrics. He has worked with hip-hop’s biggest cats like Kanye West, Pharrell and Jay-Z, among others, who quoted him as “a breath of fresh air”.

Lupe is not your run-of-the-mill rapper, who in 2005 he “remixed” Kanye West’s song Jesus Walks off his 2004 debut album College Dropout and gave it an Islamic touch. Kanye loved it so much he had Lupe featured on his 2005 second album Late Registration for the song Touch The Sky. Check out the song Muhammad(pbuh) Walks and read the lyrics below;

Muhammad Walks video

The Bamboo That Feeds

Kehadapan rakan taulan, sanak saudara yang diingati, jauh atau dekat, tua atau muda, puasa penuh atau separuh, terawih atau tidur, main mercun atau meriam, bayar zakat atau hutang, baju baru atau pinjam, kuih baulu atau murku, balik kampung atau bandar… Selamat Hari Raya A’idilfitri & Ma’af Zahir Batin. Tulus Ikhlas daripada saya Zam “Xumb” Nayan :) 0-0 eh?

"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." ~ Bruce Feirstein



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