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pasembur 2010 tracklist

Some of the best free mp3s, singles, leaks, rips, etc. of local and intl. acts from hip hop to rock to electronica that was played on repeat throughout 2010. Pretty much summed my soundtrack for last year :) Checkkit!


The Fonz

I was having a discussion with Futuna. My uncle was at the back trying to play a game of chess on my iPhone but was holding it in landscape mode on his left hand away, and asked where’d the phone go. I showed the screen to him and the game changed to FIFA 2010 while Futuna looks from behind. Game turns into a first person wake boarding-style with the player riding through ocean waves. Then turns into a basketball game where the player has to trick the score board of not scoring and minimize the meter by flipping the phone from underwater. Uncle won and next stage was he has to throw small red sponge balls into a hole.

Uncle turns into a black guy. Came out another fat guy from above passing him the balls. The structure was a fish pond with brown wall and waterfall coming out with three holes on it for the balls to put into. One on far left, one on the right and another close beside it. Black guy was on top of middle hole trying to catch ball from fat guy above him but couldn’t get it into the holes because the ball was too light and blown away by the wind. He got an idea and soaked the ball in water and pass back to fat guy to pass back to him. This time he got the ball in and was happy. Then he threw a ball to a school marching band and they got excited and pumped up making noises then went back to the end of the corridor in the room and was scolded by two cute teachers in specs wearing baju kurung. Then they left and we left.

Went to Sg. Wang Plaza in front to a big hobby shop. Saw a life-sized He-man figure in glass with Battle Cat on top floor. There were lots of Star Wars stuff. Then there was Fonzie beside the windows overlooking Times Square where we first came. Their windows were full of Krispy Kreme’s green neon light sign. I was excited to see Fonzie and asked a guy to take our picture with my phone. We did a funny pose but someone enterframed from beside Fonzie. Semak, so I wanted to get another picture with him with a Star Wars jet fighter prop.

I took out some parts of the jet display nearby to turn into a guitar for me and blaster for him. Posed with another jet then the guy gave back my phone and went off. Somehow the phone felt light and when I checked it, it’s an iPod Touch that he mistakenly switched with his. People were coming into the shop and I ran through to chase the guy but didn’t know his name. Asked one of my friends and he said it’s ‘Adidas’. I ran down the stairs passing by some biker gang giving me the weird look. Then I got out and ran as fast as I could but still couldn’t find him.

Suddenly there was a white flash and I turned into a Japanese school girl. I told my friend earlier that I lost the Adidas guy. The friend was watching me through some Matrix-like monitor from a pilot deck. Behind me was a pink Sakura tree and view from the monitor was zoomed in then rotate and revealed that I was hanging upside down from my feet to the tree. My friend said I was running too fast and triggered the white flash and that it was some sort of booby trap from the Adidas guy. I saw him running and sneering me from afar.

Zoom out fade to black and I woke up.

Who Be The Hero?

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ~ Christopher Reeve

There’s tonnes of DIY flash videos online where you upload your pic and see it in action i.e. sing, dance, fight, etc. but NONE looks as real and awesome and funny as this one! FTW!

Sorry if you’re expecting someone else hehe… but hey you too can save the world and be THE HERO here

Thanks to Hero Ijat for the link and ‘kena-ing’ me hahaha siot!

Fear Factored


So how does it feel like to overcome one of my greatest fears?


How did I do it?

‘Psycho-ed’ myself into thinking it’d give me some sort of adrenaline rush(which actually it did very well!), like the first roller coaster ride or going downhill at 15mph on a skateboard or getting chased by the po-po’s.

The key is- say “fuck it”, pretend to be brave and just go for it. Regard it like some sort of ‘for the thrill’ activity that you’ve never done before, and just go with the flow. A lil’ pray before you start would help too.

Then after all it’s been done you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these while. You’ll get mixed feelings of regret(of not doing it before), silliness(of being a wuss about it), relief(of finally getting over it) and enjoyment(of  seizing and experiencing that moment you once thought of “scary”).

Good luck :)

Eid Mubarak!


Yasmin Ahmad (1958 – 2009)

Photo by The Open Room (Flickr)

Photo by The Open Room (Flickr)

Last night, one of  our greatest storytellers, Yasmin Ahmad passed away. I was lucky enough to have to met her at some of her talks and screenings. She was a very bright, down-to-earth, funny and artistic women.

After 50 commercials, 6 films and 11 international awards, Yasmin has done her job well uniting people of various backgrounds telling stories and touching hearts. Now God needs her more than we do. Al-Fatihah to her precious soul.

Here is one of her last commercials

Read her wonderful blogs about films and life- The Storyteller and The Storyteller, Part 2.

Reports on her passing on NST and Malaysiakini(BM).

Creative Collabo and Coolio Stop Mo

I’m sure many of you have seen the brilliant brilliant video Hibi No Neiro from the Japanese indie alternative jazz band Sour. One of most outstanding unique YouTube-webcam-style music video to date, featuring a worldwide creative collaboration of their fans having fun in front of their webcams but synchronized into a lovely video-art piece!

Hibi No Neiro

Here’s another one of their cool videos Omokage No Saki featuring headphone cables that come alive and morphs into various elements on people’s t-shirt done stop-motion style. Thinkgeek interactive shirts should do one!

Omokage No Saki

Check out Sour’s chillin’ music on their official website here.

"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." ~ Bruce Feirstein



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